The return of the Jedi

Oops. The title is just a click bait. (Not really tho. At least I wore my Yoda T-shirt today. )

Okay so I have returned to the reign of Social Media by posting 11 photos on Instagram today. Wooohoo spamming power! I think I will keep this posting habit of ‘many posts at once’ instead of ‘posting one by one in a more regular basis’. 

I have thought of sharing less and scrolling less. I even thought of completely stop posting photos for good. But now.. I’m reconsidering this silly decision.

If used wisely, social media surely has more positive impacts in our lives.. I did this ‘social media fasting’ in a hope to find more reasons to stop it altogether, but oh God, I only can find more reasons to not stop. Life is funny.. it exactly knows how to tempt you. 


  • Someone I admire just opened her coffeeshop/patisserie outlet
  • A friend is raising a compaign for her first upcoming book about inspiring women artists
  • A friend asked a book recommendation on Instagram after I shamelessly posted my 2017 reading challenge achievement

Those are the things that would have never happened and I would have never known of, if it wasn’t for social media. These are my reasons to keep going on.. to keep believing that if it is used wisely, it can continue to provide a platform for us to inspire each other. 


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