Perfectly Imperfect

Recently I have been listening to this podcast, Perfectly Imperfect. The newest episode is kinda related to me right now. It is funny on how the universe works right?

About a month ago, I wrote that I was kinda in an uninspired state in this post. Kinda looking for a role-model whom I can look up to, because I have been so uninspired and everything was kinda draining for me.

I’m really thankful for this podcast. It feels like I am growing with these two amazing and wonderful women. It is really important for us to keep being enlightened in a positive environment. Perhaps, it works from the inside out. When we project those positive energy from the inside, we will be drawn to more positive energy from the outside.

On the side note, if you remember Angela, she is publishing a book! Back then when I met her (click here for more stories), she told me that she was writing a book about women artists in Upper Yarra Valley area. It was such an inspiring experience for me to have met her and listened to her stories in person. I am so, so happy and inspired when I came a chance this video that she shared on Facebook (yes, this is one example of how social media can be so powerful to spread positive and inspiring news).

Such a good reminder of how it is important to stay free spirited to pursue our dreams, to contribute to this world for a greater good, as cliche as it sounds.


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