I did some old books and clothes decluttering today at ‘home’ home. Yeah, including those books that I’ve never read and clothes that I’ve never worn.

I was never properly taught about personal financial management. I guess I have learned it the hard and expensive way in real-life experiences. Buying those clothes, books, other stuffs that I didn’t need only to end up unworn/unread/unused before being donated. Well, at least they still all ended up for a good cause…

After moving down under, especially after 6 weeks of backpacking last year, I have become to realize that I could actually survive with a 9-L backpack worth of daily essentials. I made a pact with myself when I moved last year, to not shop any more clothes for the next 3 years. To this date, I have survived a year without shopping. Two more years to go.

Of course, there were many times when I was tempted to shop, especially when it came to a nice dress that would really fit me well, on SALE, on a very very good deal. What could go wrong right? Nothing to lose…only a few bucks wouldn’t hurt… but then I was reminded with all my clothes in the wardrobe, that have been cut off to one-third of its original capacity like a few years back.. And you know what? Even after being cut off to one-third, I only wear one-third of those in daily basis… So, it comes down to only one-ninth of my used-to-be wardrobe a few years back, when I was still living that ‘stable’ life with a ‘secure’ job.

It took me all those years to learn the lesson of ‘only buy what you need’. It has been such a liberating act for me to be a ‘minimalist’ for this past one year. It provides me with more spaces to keep other things (tangible or intangible) that are more important in life.

Similarly, I am trying to declutter my online or social media habits. I have deleted the social media apps in my phone to unlearn my habit and dependency on social medias.

Guilty that I am, also about interacting with my friends, for it has been taking me forever to reply a single message these days…but it is just something that I need to do, even as selfish as it sounds. Yes, selfishness.. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to set the boundary between self-care and selfishness. Not yet.


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