Getting better?

The last day of work before holiday! 

I still missed some details at work. They’re tiny but yet can’t be ignored. I guess I am getting better at handling mistakes. Of course I still feel upset about it. But now I am trying to just forgive myself and move on, instead of dwelling too much in my drama. 

Probably because of the environment is very good and supportive. It motivates me to be better because they are all good people. I feel like I have to improve to show my gratitude and appreciation. 

There are still times when I doubt myself, “am I fit in in this kind of tough environment?” Because I am clumsy, clumsy, and basically just clumsy. Probably a slow learner too. 

But now I am trying to focus on each task as best as I could. I am trying hard not to be distracted once I make a mistake. I am trying not to make the small incident affect my next task. Like someone said to me, just move on. When the work is over, you can think again about the mistake and evaluate it. But don’t think about it during the work itself. Just go on. 


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