More blogging, less social media

Recently, I changed my Instagram privacy setting to private. I wonder if my posting habit will change if less people see it, if I can’t attract public attention by using the powerful #hashtags. I wonder if I would care more about the content that I share rather than the likes.

Ah, the likes… my guilty pleasure. I know the likes don’t matter, but…still such a guilty pleasure for me to see how many people ‘like’ my photo. It made me feel good…which was so wrong. So unhealthy. That is why I think I’d better change my posting habit in social media.

Probably it is time to make use of this blog to its maximum potential. A blog is a better platform to present more of me, my thoughts, my life, my struggle. People come here because they want to come here in the first place, not becauese they are bored, scrolling the news feed to find something new and interesting updates about the friends that they won’t really care and won’t really care for them back.

Not that I have a lot of readers in this blog, probably none especially from now on, I have decided not to update personally to some friends if I have something new. Nothing personal on them. It is just my decision to see what would I write here in this blog, if no one is guaranteed to read it, even if I open for public to read.

What would I write authentically from my heart that is public worthy (of course it is different with a private diary), without the guarantee of somebody will ever read it? What would I want to leave marks in this world even if I have to go as ‘annonymous’? (But if you are just happened to read this and you know me in person, please let me know so I can thank you personally for your time to read this) 

In a bigger picture, let’s put it this way: how many people would still care to do some good deeds if they know that it would remain unknown? A.k.a. not allowed to post in social media. I am aware that social media can be such a powerful tool too, but let’s not get into that please. I am talking about something more personal. Will you still make that surpsie birthday party if knowing that the beautiful photos would go un-shared forver? Would you still do that yoga pose in every beach that you go if you can’t post it? Would I still be keen to make good looking desserts at home if I can’t share the picture to the public?

I don’t know what is going on with me. There is no certain events that trigger this thought. Maybe it is just part of growing up? Not saying that others are not growing up or whatever, but maybe I have just changed recently as a person? I am not condemning or judging people who still share as many as they like, but maybe now for me it is just time to re-evaluate my true intention. 

And probably with less social media, I can do more blogging? Yeah, let’s make it a mid-year resolution then. 


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