No school

Yeah!! No school at the moment. My dearly school has been shut down. It is a very shocking news to both students and staffs. I guess I can breathe more air during this peaceful period until an official decision has been made.

Well, should I say I am so desperate right now? Funny, not at all. It is sad, yes. But I guess life goes on. And again, it is just another uncertainty.

I just want to dedicate this post to the teachers and fellow classmates who have helped me grow in the past one year, even though none of them will read this (and this is exactly why I write it here. I’m too shy!!).

Never would I have ever thought that I’d enroll in a culinary school full with such passionate teachers who has genuine interests in the students. From my own experience, this is the best school I have ever attended.

For the first time, I have teachers who believe in me, help me grow, are honest with how I can do better and improve, and at the same time, have a very good sense of humour. Perhaps, I have taken them all for granted. I guess I should have spent more time to get to know them in person.

There is one thing that I would never ever forget. I mentioned about a failed sandwich in this post. I promised to write it next time ages ago. So here you go, now is the next time.

Long short story, I failed my sandwich because my chicken was over-cooked. A small mistake that costed me a lifetime lesson. I had to go for a re-assessment, where students got a second chance to redo the exam. And guess what!! I still failed! Just for a simple sandwich!! According to the rules, I should have re-enrolled the whole course.

But! Lucky me, Chef S gave me another chance.. Here was the conversation between us after I failed my sandwich for the second time.

Chef S: “What happened today? You could do better than this. For me, this is not good enough”

Me: “I don’t know.. I was still scared that I ruined everything. Because if I ruined everything, I would have to redo the whole course.”

Chef S: “And you ruined everything.”

Me: “Yes..”

Chef S: “What do you think an athlete is thinking during a competition?….. They are already thinking for the next race. During the other exam (not the sandwich, fyi), I was so impressed by you. You stood out from the other students. You were so organized. That is why I believe you can do better than today.”

At the end, I was given a chance to redeem myself to help making sandwich in the school cafe for a week.

I was not so used to failure especially in an academic setting. Back then, I would have been so desperate when I received marks below the passing-marks for my school tests. So frustrated that I would feel ashamed. So ashamed. I wouldn’t have the courage to admit it, even to write the experience in a blog.

I won’t get any official qualification for the past one year in this school, but yes indeed, I did learn many valuable lessons.



One thought on “No school

  1. Devi says:

    Be a failure innovator, Ta…Mark Zuckenberg said that success is the result of freedom to fail. Thanks for always inspiring me with your free spirit!

    Liked by 1 person

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