Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

(There is a follow-up post for this, click here)

It was my least favourite interview question when I was looking for jobs for post-graduation life, five years ago. How the hell was I supposed to know what’d happen to me in five years time? The answer’d only be revealed five years later… which is now.

Did I see myself where I am today? Not a chance. I’m not a good life planner myself so I didn’t really see it coming.

But let’s not talk about those five years. Let’s talk about now.

So, what is now?

Back from a long hiatus in blogging. Yeah, been triggered by a friend who wanted to write a guest post. All credits to her that I am writing again.

I am writing now because writing is the only way of self-expression that I am capable of, right now. I also don’t think that I am capable of jotting just anything what is on my mind. That is also the reason why I posted a rather poetic post yesterday, called ‘Ahead of time‘.

I don’t have enough guts yet to express literally what is on my mind. After all this time, still, it takes a great deal of courage to be honest with the world. But let’s try it today.

This story is like a two-sided coin.

On one side, I am happy, sincerely delighted, truly honored, to be able to be a personal listening ear to some of my dear friends who are currently on the path of pursuing their own passions. Not only one. The number is almost equal to the number of friends whom I consider close. I know that I am nobody, and my opinion is not valid in anyway, but I am sincerely glad to be some kinds of help (I hope I do help). I was there too. I know exactly how important it is to hear someone who believes in you. It matters a lot. I feel that they are lucky. They at least have someone to talk to. Someone who has been there too. Someone that they know in person. Back then my only comfort was google or ted talks. It was tough times, really. I am not saying I have done a great influence or any. I am simply just happy to listen. That is all.

On the other side, sometimes it kinda tires me. Please don’t get it wrong. It is just that I know nobody in person, who has been in the same life junction as I have right now. I kinda long for a companion, a listening ear who has also been there, as I am to the others. It is a selfish wish, yes it is. That is just how it is.

However, there is still this someone though, who is barely the expert of what I am doing right now, who does not only believe, but also contributes some crazy ideas, and who thick-skinned-ly said, the copyright still goes to him.

I guess that worth 1000 no. of mentors right?

After all, the blessings have always been there. If only we open our eyes wide enough to see it.

(There is a follow-up post for this. Click here)


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