[Guest Post] Breaking out of the ordinary

A guest post from my dear friend, who has a passion in writing, and perhaps, is answering her true calling.

I bet you had heard about the bomb in Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, UK. I’m not an avid news reader myself but what I’ve been seeing in the news lately revolves around bombing, terrorism, people dying… anything but good news.

Upon reading the headline, it nudged me to reflect more on human’s life. If there is one thing that we could be certain in life is that our lives have a limit. It won’t go on and on for all eternity. Just like what the news lately suggests, you’ll never now when that last day would be.

Talking about how limited human’s life is, I’m reminded of my own life. And as I ruminate on it, a sudden realization struck me: My life is not going to last forever, yet, I haven’t done anything and haven’t achieve anything so far. I’m still an ordinary person with an ordinary life, a typical office worker that you’d see working behind a stack of papers in the movies. It amazes me how I’m still here, despite the fact that I’m struggling to stay alive in my current daily routine.

In contrast of my current life, my childhood dreams were much wilder. I used to dream about all the impossible things. From being a doctor to transforming into power ranger to save the world. But as I grow bigger, my dreams grow smaller. I know that it is not realistic to be a doctor, I can’t even stand seeing Doctor House operating. And I can’t be power ranger, that is not even real.

Before I know it, I stopped dreaming and be the typical logical being. I now work in an engineering field, which the world would deem as useful and I thought it would be high in demand for sometime in the future. At least my life will be secure for the next decade or so I thought.

To my own surprise, this typical ordinary life doesn’t suit me. I don’t really like what I do and no matter how hard I tried, there is always a part of me who wants to be free of this usual boring life, to dream on and to make that dream come true.

I’ve always dream to be a writer. I know it doesn’t sound cool like astronauts and probably not as useful as engineering. But when I think about me writing stories and how it will inspire people to keep on living not just their lives but also their dreams makes my heart beats with inexplicable excitement!

I know it won’t be easy, as I don’t have any necessary backgrounds to be a writer. But I do have my passion and time to offer. So starting from today I will try my best to be an engineer by day and a writer by night, who knows really one day it may lead me to be an author of a best selling book! I have a feeling that it will be better to fight against the odds to achieve my lifelong dream than to fight my own feelings and stay where I am now.

To those who feel that your life should be more than what it is now, those who feels hollow doing their day-to-day activities for so long, I invite you to dream on. And once you find your dream, live it. I don’t know where this road of making-our-dream-come-true leads to, but I know for sure, it will guide you to a better life.



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