To write or not to write

I’m back home. Home home. I’ve been wanting to write updates since two weeks ago when I arrived home, but I just didn’t know how to write these thoughts…

I’m starting to question what is the purpose of me writing a blog? If it is for me, I already have a private journal myself. What is it in me that I have the right to share my life to everyone?

As far as I can remember the last time when I shared a link of a new post, it took my own friends forever to actually read the post. I literally needed to beg them to read it. Poor friends. They have already enough shits in life, and now they have to eat my shits as well. How selfish I am, am I not?

That’s what makes me so hesitant to write again. I just don’t see a meaningful purpose anymore.

Have I lost faith in blogging? I guess not. So what happened? I have no idea.. maybe it is just one of a writer’s block.


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