“I am one with The Force. The Force is with me.”

I watched Rouge One today. That’s enough reason why I am so in Geek-Mode-On right now. This is gonna be an annual ritual since The Force Awakens was released on December last year.

Oh my childhood! I really, really had a beautiful childhood, did I not?

I grew up with Star Wars.

Recently, I have been watching Final Fantasy VIII gameplay too on Youtube. FF VIII is not my favorite FF, but I dunno, somehow  I just feel like going down the memory lane through the world where Balamb Garden and Fishermen Horizons do exist.

I did grow up with these guys. To think about it, I’ve never really grown up with Disney Princesses. The only Disneys I grew up with were the world where toys and bugs could talk, and the lions ruled the world. (Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and The Lion King).

It made me realized though.. It somehow made sense: who I am today is an accumulation of these guys that I grew up with in my childhood.

Oh well never mind. Probably I am just being swayed over the current Rouge One and FF XV hype.


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