On my way to be a Chef Patissiere

Woohooo. 1 out of 6 terms done.

So how was the first term of school? I haven’t done much of the pastry subjects yet.. As part of the curriculum, I needed to go through some basic cookery, which was very fun anyway. I’ve never been a happier student. Achievement: I managed not to cut myself! For me, this is a very proud achievement. Hahaha.

I just took a scroll back to my Instagram feed one year ago, around October 2015. It was full of motivational non-sense quotes about pursuing dreams lalallalilili. Who would have thought that one year later, I would have been exactly right here, right now? Really living my dream.

Somebody please wake me up. This dream is just too good to come true. This must be a dream, because dreams don’t do come true right? That’s what they’ve been telling us all this time.



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