Etudiante en Patisserie

Wohoooo I’m like…officially a pastry student now. It’s really like ‘a dream comes true’. Long, long story before fate really brought me here to be ‘etudiante en patisserie’.

I can’t really explain in words the joy of being back to school. Even more, to be a student where I get to study about what I love. It’s not making me any money at the moment anyway, but… I couldn’t remember when I was happier than this moment in regards of getting a qualification or choosing a profession.

But still, I’m very new to this industry. There is no fail-proof guarantee that I’m gonna make it. It really is a tough industry. But probably, I might fit in this time.

And….there’s sooo many French terms! Wow I’d better gotta review my French. How funny it is, that I have been drawn into French long long long ago before I fell in love with cooking and baking. And who would have guessed! The French is like the mother of cuisine.

I know right? It just feels right.


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