Who is there when you are happy?

I’m gonna tell you a truth. A harsh truth. 

Or probably, just my silly theory.

We like to think that true friends are the one who stay with us when we need help, in our darkest hours. 

The fact is…

Everyone in the whole world is with you when life brings you down. 

The whole world can create a cause just to raise funds to get out of your distastrous life occurance. 

It’s easy to get people symphatize when things go wrong. 


How many people are genuinely happy for you when you succeed, when you are happy, when you are just having the time of your life? 

I mean, genuinely happy for you. 

When you find them, treasure them with all your heart. 


2 thoughts on “Who is there when you are happy?

  1. Ranti Kristianti Susilo says:

    Dearest thepotatato,

    This is sooooo mind blowinggggggggg. We are get used to “a friend in need is friend indeed”. It’s not wrong, it’s good thing to have someone by our side when things get hard and when nobody believes in us.

    But to have someone who is genuinely happy when we are happy is

    I found it and thankful for it. I know you have found them too :))))

    A not secret admirer xoxo


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