Writing Challenge #11: Write about one of your holiday trip

This is part of The Potatato’s Writing Challenge. As promised in the previous post (link), here is my 11th writing challenge about my solo trip.

I’m not gonna talk about the details of the itinerary, costs, bla bla bla like what a travel blogger should do (cos I’m not a travel blogger anyway). I’m not even gonna attach the photos here. This is not a visual blog (and I’m still lazy to transfer all the photos). If you’re interested (which surely you’re not?), you can check my Instagram profile.

But okay, I’m still gonna tell you where I went. I traveled down under. I, in fact, moved down under.

Long short story, I decided to travel around to South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania before ‘settling down’. A total of 6 weeks. 1 week with my best travel buddy. 5 weeks going solo.

Wasn’t it scary going solo? Oh hell it was. I have imagined the worst possible thing that could ever happen to me, which thank God, didn’t happen. I still survived safe and sound with no incidents whatsoever. Still in one piece.

I did consider to take note of every nearby police station from where I stayed just in case something happened, but I didn’t take note of any anyway. I dunno how I came up with a new perspective of: pretending to live there instead of just being a short term visitor.

I have never taken a note of where the nearby police station from where I have been living in my whole life and I’m still fine. So just take it lightly and everything will be okay. Fear will attract bad things. We attract what we think. This may not be the wisest travelling advice about safety though, so follow it at your own risks 🙂

I’m not gonna be able to cover all things in one post. I’ll definitely come back with more writings about my trip, but lemme tell you first about my most memorable encounter.

I met a very inspiring lovely lady. She was my AirBnB host for 7 days in a regional area, 72 km from Melbourne. I planned one ‘silent week’ in the middle of my trip where I supposed to do ‘nothing’, but relaxing.. Probably reflecting about life. But who knew… It has turned out to be absolutely more than doing ‘nothing’.

I had my first encounter with a lemon tree, my (and also my host’s) first  mushroom picking, learning how to distinguish poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms, my first fresh eggs from the chicken coop (they were still warm!!), supplies of fresh herbs just right from the backyard, a river just down the road. It was really like Harvest Moon came to real life!

Not to forget that Mexican-inspired vegan dinner prepared by my very own host, Angela. Those interesting and inspiring stories about her amazing life.

And most importantly,

Her advice for me to pursue my dreams.

Honestly, I have never heard anyone, who said it face-to-face to me to “follow your dreams and the money will follow”. Yes, I have heard and read it countless times from videos or articles, but I’ve never met someone who told that to me. In person. Like personally. Like seriously, these people who “follow their dreams” are truly real.

Like real. True story.

Like…Right. In. Front. Of. My. Face.

And that means a lot to me.

You may be wondering though… “Really? What does she work as? How much does she make per month?” and so on. Because there are so much things to justify right? Because it won’t be just as simple as “follow your dreams and the money will follow”.


I’m not gonna tell you the full story (that’s her story anyway, not mine). Besides, I write this not to convince any of you to believe what I do believe. About pursuing dreams bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Because why?

Because I don’t owe anyone to justify what I believe in.

Just like I don’t owe anyone to explain the reasons behind any decisions that I make in my life.

Just like I don’t owe anyone to justify and explain why I chose to move here without securing a job. And worst, to travel with no income in hand. Or why I moved at all.

Just like people don’t owe me to justify their life preferences and decisions.

So why do I write then? I don’t owe anyone to tell them my thoughts, right?


I don’t owe everyone, not just anyone.

But I write and will keep writing for myself and the (very few) people who do enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge #11: Write about one of your holiday trip

  1. Ranti Kristianti Susilo says:

    Dearest thepoatatato,

    I don’t have any dislike about traveling’s posts which feature superb and beautiful photos. I did enjoy it. And to be able to take such a photo is admirable.

    But in my opinion, traveling is not only about going to places(pardon my melancholy side here). It’s should be a personal journey. It does not have to find an answer tho.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience, I will and keep following my dream.

    Your forever admirer xoxo


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