This was written on two days before my solo trip ended.


This trip so far has been a very humbling experience for me.
To realize that my world has been so small.
To realize that this world is just soooo huge. (duh)

That there are many other worlds going out there.
That other worlds that people are living in.
That my world is just one small fraction of this entire universe.
That I am so small. That I am no special than others.

That it is really a matter of perspective that can change your whole world.

That it is really possible to live my dreams.
That this dying world needs more dreamers who believe that this world could be a better world.
That we all deserve a better life.

That this world keeps changing.
That as its citizen, we also need to adapt with its changes.
That we can’t always do the old way of living and doing things.
That we just simply have to open our minds and hearts.

That above all, God is always in control anyway. Always.


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