Recently, I have been trying a lot of baking/cooking experiments than I’ve ever done before. Experiment means success or failure. 

Happiness is when the result is successful and achieves my desirable standards. But failure is not out of the equation. Failure is part of success. It is what makes me a better baker/cook even though I’m still far from good. 

Happiness is when I’m still happy eventhough I fail. I fail because I try something. I fail because I want to grow. I fail because there are many things to be learned. I fail just to be better next time. Sometimes, next time doesn’t necessarily turn out to be better. It can be worse, but it’s not the reason to stop. 

Failure is not when people tell you, that you can’t. Your failure is when you let them define you, that you can’t.

This world isn’t meant for those who fail. This world worships success. Failure equals to shame. But who are we if we never ever fail? 

Social media is always known to show the good sides of life. The sides that possibly make other people jealous and wish they live other people’s lives. We all know this doesn’t really present the reality. Let’s be real. Life is about ups and downs. Success and failure. 

don’t mean to encourage people to start whinning and complaining their own problems in social medias. There are still some personal boundaries. 

But how about being a little bit vulnerable? Not something too personal. How about starting to share your failures that are still appropriate to be shared publicly? 

Instead of sharing the glorious trial of your baking/cooking experiment, how about sharing how terrible the result is when it’s failed?

So that’s what I’m gonna do now with my baking/cooking experiments. Sharing not only what’s been accomplished successfully, but also the one that’s failed victoriously. 

Make a Failure Documentation.

Make a Resume of Failures.

Because behind one single success could be hundreds of failures. 

Because one single failure doesn’t mean a dead-end. 

Because we only tend to see the end-results without realizing and acknowledging how much hard works and faith are required. 

Because we are imperfect human being.

Because failure is just part of life.  


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