The world with endless possibilities

I wonder what does the world with endless possibilities look like…?

No social judgements

No expectations

No what you should do

No what you should not do

What if there were no limitations as such?

What if there were just us and our opened minds

Would we be the one who reach the impossible?

Would our greatest hidden potentials be unlocked?

What if we free ourselves from the expectations and judgements? 

From their expectations and judgements

From our own expectations and judgements

Then would it be the world with endless possibilities?

Wait, wait. No, no, no!

There’s no such thing! There are still things called unique circumstances or harsh reality or personal limitations. 

Are they really there?

Or are they just made up to cover the fear? 

Because the world with endless possibilities is scary

Because the possibility of us achieving the impossible can be too over-whelming

Because we are afraid. 


But again it is still tempting to wonder.. 

What does the world with endless possibilities look like?


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