Be Humble

The hardest thing to achieve something is not about the hard works that are put in to achieve it, but to remain humble after the glorious success.

Yes it’s important to be confident, but real confidence is silent. If we’re really good at something, we wouldn’t feel the need to brag about how good we are. Silent confidence is more powerful than proud self-compliment.

Luck. Hardwork. Timing. Talent. Connection. Access to information. Grace. More luck. And many more. These are the variables that contribute to achievements. It doesn’t mean we’re good at it. It could be simply we just happen to be at the right time and place.

This perspective can offer us a sense of peace. It enables us to see that we are just tiny little beings in the whole universe. Nothing owes us. Our duty is to give back to our planet, to the people, to the greater good.

Be humble.

Don’t brag, but share.

Share what we know. Share what we believe in. Share the goodness.

Because what we share may unlock much greater hidden potentials in others than what we alone can be. 

Be humble. 


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