[Guest Post] The Girl Who Never Fits In

Hello! Firstly I want to say thank you for all your views, likes and comments for my previous Writing Challenge#8: Inner Beauty. (Click here for the link)

I never thought the response would be as good as it was. At first I thought I was so stupid for having written it because who would want to read it anyway? And what for?

I had the fear people would judge me for being stupid for sharing those personal stories. I had the fear that I should have just kept it for myself… but then I watched this TED talk about how The Power of Vulnerability can connect people.

So I gained my courage back and there I was. I realized that I don’t have and will not have control of what people think of my writing. Some will like it and many more may not like it. And that’s okay. Because the most important thing is that I can speak my own quiet voice in a silent way. Literally silent because I am not talking now, just writing.

Anyway, this is the first Guest Post in my blog. The poetry below was written by my dear INTJ friend who also proposed the topic Inner Beauty for my previous Writing Challenge. I really thank her for her chosen topic because it has made me reflect back and find my courage to be myself in my writing.

I think most of us can all relate to this.



They say she is short and fat
They say her eye bags are so terrible
They say she has thunder thighs and bad teeth

They say she is shy
They say she is so quiet
They say she needs to speak more
They say she is not friendly and unapproachable

They say she needs to prove herself
They say she needs to marry a rich husband
to be considered successful

She cries
She blames herself
Because all she knows
She has tried her best
To be loved
To be valued
To be cherished
But all she gets are rejections

Then she reflects
Asks her self what is wrong:
Try to change
Try to live the expectation

She realizes she has been putting a show
She realizes she just can’t endure it anymore

Maybe, just maybe…
She is meant to be never fit in

The girl who never fits in is
The same girl who will find her voice from within
The same girl who will be able to see her worth despite all those rejections
The same girl who loves and will always love herself

The girl who never fits in
will always never fit in


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