Two Kitchens

Hey-ho! I have a food blog!

Or more like…I’m the editor of the food blog. Haha.

It’s a collaboration with a friend of mine, R, a food scientist who is obviously, very passionate about food. It actually started with The Potatato’s Writing Challenge. He challenged me to write recipes, which I have failed to accomplish so far.

It was his idea to separate our ‘tasks’. He’ll do savoury and I’ll do sweets. I think that was a good idea and why not? At first, the recipes were supposed to be published here, but then I would be too messy. We’d better have a brand new food blog.

So here we are. We have published 5 recipes. All tested in R‘s savoury kitchen. I have yet to write my own, but I will. I promise.

Click here to embark on a food journey with Two Kitchens that you’ll never forget!



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