You might have heard about the MBTI PersonalIty Tests before. Google it if you haven’t. I won’t discuss it again here.

I still remember when I was in high school, there was a psychological test which assessed our personality and talents in order to determine what professions that would suit ourselves.

As a typical teenager, I was very insecure back then. I still had an identity crisis. I had been told that I was too quiet and socially incapable. I really believed there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t satisfied with myself. I wanted to change myself. I simply hated the quiet me. I even won the title of ‘the quietest girl in class’ when I was in 9th grade. It wasn’t any kind of achievements at all.

So in 10th grade in high school, I was given some exercises that were supposed to assess my true personality, I knew what I needed to do. I answered the questions not based on who I truly was, but based on what I thought was right and cool.

I lied.

I thought it was such a shame being the quietest kid in class, so I lied.

I thought putting feelings into decision making was weak, so I lied.

I thought having everything planned was cool, so I lied.

ENTJ. That was my result. The description was something like…. I was someone who possessed some leadership qualities..blablabla? Well simply just imagine Margareth Thatcher. Am I like her? Not at all. Even my dad commented that the test was not accurate. Haha!

Slowly over the time, I began to accept my introverted side. Sometimes people still comment that I should talk more, but I don’t care now. Take it or leave it.

Then after some time, my MBTI results have evolved from ENTJ, to INTJ, and to INTP. Yeah, the funny thing was that I was always xNxx, never xSxx. Yeah, I am totally not a Sensing person. However, I still felt that the results were not totally me…and after sometime around my third year of university, I retook the test again.

I got INFP. For the first time in forever, I felt there was really a personality test that really knew me so well. My heart screamed, “This is so me!”. Especially after I read the description about INFP and career. Yeah, the career part.

Since then, I have learned that I must embrace myself, be true to myself, and not be ashamed with who I am. Even though I am always the last one who speaks up in a meeting, socially awkward, loves quiet and alone time, can’t work under pressure, consider feelings and emotions when I make decisions, can’t stand too detailed-oriented tasks, etc, I still am who I am. No matter how the society may see me as weird and boring person, I would still love to be that weird and boring person.

Of course, this test is not absolute. It’s more like which spectrum you are more into. Even though I am a F and P, I know I still have to think rationally when deciding something. And I still like something to be properly planned, rather than ‘the plan is no plan’ mentality. Well, it’s all about preferences and it depends on circumstances as well. But still each of us must have one type that really describes us the most, maybe not wholly true, but..almost there.

Maybe you’re wondering why this post is so narcissistic. Haha sorry for that. Remember the 7 reasons why you shouldn’t read my blog? (click here for link). See point No.1 and 7. I am so self-centered.

Well, what actually triggered me was because I saw a post about ’23 INFPs Explain The One Thing They Wish Others Understood About Their Persoality’ (click here for link) somewhere in facebook and I thought it was very interesting, especially these points:

2. “Even though yes, I do take things personally, I want you to be honest so I can give/provide exactly what you need or find someone/some thing that can.”

3. “We can be super mean if you try hard enough to piss us off. There’s no grey area in terms of emotions, I think. It’s either LOVE or GET OUT.”

11. “Having strong emotions makes us neither illogical nor unintelligent. And we can despise stupidity as much as the stereotypical INTJ.”

14. “We’re not flighty or pushovers. We WILL speak up when something is important to us.”

17. “The reason we don’t open up very often is because we have humungous ideals that other people love to laugh at or poke holes through. And we don’t care to deal with those who don’t believe in us.”

21. “We love people, there is nothing that I feel more grateful for than my friends and family, maybe we don’t say much sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t adore you!”

23. “Just because we are extremely idealistic doesn’t mean we don’t understand the reality of situations. Yes, we have a tendency to live in our inner world but we are also very in touch with the outside world as well.”

Haha I know most of the points in the article seem so lame and immature, but hey this is just for FUN!

Hopefully, this finds you interesting as well and do try the test! Remember, there is no right or wrong answers. Simply be you.

So what’s your MBTI personality?


5 thoughts on “From ENTJ to INFP

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    I’m an ISTJ. When I found out, I was out just out of high school or in my last year, and it helped me so much. It was a key to embracing myself. I used to think I was weird but when I took the test, I found out why I did certain things and thought certain ways. So now I love being a nerd, study freak, workaholic, etc. Back in school, I didn’t want to be those things though because no-one else was. I think MBTI is fascinating!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mel S says:

    INFJ. Occasionally I got ISFJ, but more often INFJ. Ha.
    But I agree it is a fascinating test 🙂 The results are really quite spot on.


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