7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Read My Blog

When I first started this blog, I was completely aware that there would be two types of readers:

  1. Those who like it
  2. Those who don’t like it

Either you like it or you don’t like it, there’s no such thing in between.

And of course I would like to humble myself into thinking that there would be more readers who will fall into the second category. I even wasted some time to bother to make a list of 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Read My Blog:-

  1. Because I am too self-centered and always write about how ‘I believe this..’, ‘I believe that..’. No body cares about that. There’s no fact and data to support my opinion. This is simply not beneficial to everyone.
  2. Because I will write countless times about how much I love Jane Austen.
  3. Because I am still child-like (or so I confess) with unbelievable amount of unrealistic idealism and it is absolutely uninteresting to read about how I believe that imagination is important and how we should be more like children.
  4. Because I don’t write and do not intend to write popular topics such as how to make easy money, how to get six-packs abs in a week, or how to get everyone likes you.
  5. Because my posts are not visually appealing. The words just bore you to death.
  6. Because I often write about my hobbies which are so boring… writing, reading, drawing, cooking, baking. You see, I am a very boring person.
  7. Because I am not special and I am just simply being me and I am just gonna write topics that really represents me, the causes that I really care about. See point No. 1. I am so self-centered.

And hopefully you don’t take it too seriously 😉

Whether you are readers type no.1 or 2, I still thank you to spare some of your precious time to visit my blog that wouldn’t even worth 5 cents.


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