Movie Reflection #1: Inside-Out


Inside-Out was probably the first Pixar movie (or just, movie) after Toy Story 3 that has successfully made me feel so emotional.

The real storyline is pretty ordinary though. You know, a girl in an early teenage year, having a hard time to adapt in new environment,  seriously what could really happen right?

However, what happened inside this little girl was beyond imagination. I was pretty impressed with the creative concept of making Emotions alive, as if they really lived inside us. Not only the Emotions, but our Memories do live too inside. Oh and do I have to mention the ‘islands’ that represented our life aspects/personality?

It brought me back so much memories to when I was younger. Personally, I could mostly relate to Imagination Island. Seriously, that FRENCH FRIES JUNGLE? (because I love potatoes and I once had an email address that has a meaning of potato island). Imaginary Friend? And Imaginary Boyfriend? Seriously? I. Was. Speechless. LOL.

As much as I was so excited to see the Imagination Island, it really broke my heart when it collapsed too. How many of us that at one point of time of growing up, we stopped playing with our imagination? It reminded me of the (harsh) reality of growing up and how much we have lost touch with ourselves after we became older.

And should I start mentioning about Bing Bong? We all know he was just an Imaginary Friend of Riley. A Selfless Imaginary Friend. Or maybe that’s why he is just imaginary. Selflessness is like a rare gem in the reality.

No no, don’t worry I won’t discuss about the sacrifices of Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriends. You know what I mean. I know you will agree with how lame (or brilliant) that was.

The final scenes also reminded me that it is okay to embrace sadness. We all want to be happy, right? Our goal is to seek happiness, that kind of thing? But sometimes we get too over-shadowed with this goal, because life is not only about joy. It is indeed okay to feel sad and to admit that we’re feeling sad, because feeling empty is even worse.

When Riley got on the bus to run away from home, she felt empty. But once Sadness was allowed to take control, Riley was reminded of her parents she left at home. That made her sad and decided to go home. Unconsciously, I believed she knew that she should have embraced Sadness. This was why, I guess, that Sadness had been having a strange urge to touch every Joyful Memories and turn them to Sad Memories.

Emptiness acts as our barrier because we don’t want to admit that we are weak, or we are able to be sad. But once we have destroyed that barrier and embrace our feelings with honesty, we will feel liberated.

I was relieved to see Riley cried at the last few scenes. She finally destroyed her barrier and freed herself. Joyful tears. Joy and Sadness finally became one.


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