The day I met my role-model

Today one of my bucket list has been crossed out. Ah no, I didn’t achieve anything. In fact, my bucket list only consists of silly little things which may not mean anything to you.

Today I met my role-model. Well, actually I did not really do anything. She is just happened to be in Singapore so I just ordered her mooncakes and picked them up by myself. It was  not really the mooncakes that I wanted since I am not into the mooncake hype. I just made an excuse to meet her. Haha.

I could have met her in my hometown, just order her cakes and pick them up at her place, but I don’t have that much freedom to travel around the city by myself. So the only way to meet her is to secretly wish she would come to Singapore and meet her here, but I didn’t really pray for it because it was quite dreamy. If she came here, why would she want to meet me? But I just knew that no matter what, I just had this feeling that I would really meet her someday.

And my gut feeling was right.

One day in her instagram post, she mentioned about going to Singapore for one of the famous boulangerie here. I thought there would be some kind of public event and maybe I could join in? So I dared myself to ask her personally and sadly it was not for a public event. I even thought of initiating a meeting with her and baked something for her to ask for her feedback. Hahaha what was I even thinking? So thick-skin. But luckily I didn’t have to do that. She opened the mooncakes order for Singapore! So there I was.

I know this is just a silly little thing that I shouldn’t be proud of. It’s not that I have won a competition or anything. And for her, I am just another customer. My life will still be okay and go on regardless of meeting her. However, I knew that I needed to do this. It was for the sake of making a dream comes true. It is not just merely to cross out  one of my bucket list, but to show to myself (yes, myself) that I am willing to pursue my dreams, even though the exact plans are still blurry now. But I believe that if we really persevere to fight for our dreams, one or more doors will be opened for us.

One step at a time.

All our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue them.


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