Writing Challenge #3: Choose one out of The 5Cs of Singapore Dream

Have you ever heard of the infamous Singapore Dream, The 5Cs? Cash. Credit Card. Condominium. Car. Country Club (membership).

So I was asked to choose one out of the five. If I only can have one, I will definitely choose Cash. Because with Cash, I can have everything else! Haha! 

There has also been many new versions of The 5Cs. Career. Compassion. Considerate. Charitable. Creativity. Etc. Etc. There is also a joke that The 5Cs has been already outdated. Now people want 5Bs, instead of 5Cs. I won’t discuss about it, you can find it by yourself if you are interested. 

Let’s just gotta be honest. Who doesn’t want all those 5Cs? Or specifically, the Cash. Just the Cash is more than enough right? I mean, A LOT of Cash. Maybe it is not only a Singapore Dreams, but also Everyone’s dreams. Most of us believe that money can buy everything. This includes happiness. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you good books. Isn’t it the same thing?

Well, I agree. We all need money to live. To travel. To pursue our hobbies. To pamper ourselves. To provide the needs for our beloved ones. To do everything. 

Do you remember when we were just kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up to make money? And when we really do, sometimes we get too caried away by our newly found ‘ability’ to earn our own living. We enjoy the freedom to decide how we would like to spend our (hardly-earned) salary to have comfortable lives. We enjoy it and we absolutely love it. We are so poweful!!!

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with feeling satisfied and grateful with being able to provide for our own living. The thing is, it will be good if we draw a line to make it clear about how far we should go. It is so easy to get tempted for more and more money to satisfy the higher and higher standard of living that we desire. The more we get, the more we desire, the more we need to achieve our standard of more and more comfortable living. 

I think we can take a lot of examples from many movies about how people often get carried away with money and how the stories end up. The reality is not as dramatic as movies though, but you get what I mean right? It will be a never-ending journey to chase money. 

Drawing a line means setting a clear boundary about how far we will go for money. It could mean setting the minimum as well as the maximum amount of money to achieve our living standard. The minimum is to make sure that we have sufficient resources to afford our desired (minimum) quality of life. The maximum is to make sure that we do not make unworthy sacrifices. 

Generally, making more money requires more and harder efforts. Even though everyone wants more money, not all is willing to sacrifice more. We get to be firm on this so we won’t get tempted when ‘more promising’ opportunity comes to us.

A very extreme case is when you get an offer for a double raise from your current salary, but as an exhange, you are also required to work twice longer than usual. Will you take the offer? Taking the offer means sacrificing your personal life and time with family and friends. Is it really worth it? Some think it is. Some don’t. Some may get tempted to take it if there is no clear boundary that has been set before. 

There is no absolute truth in this case. Everyone has the right to choose how they define Their Dreams. Some may think that success means literally all The 5Cs. Others may think of another version of 5Cs. It is indeed effortless for us to get tempted and make those materialistic stuffs as the basis to make our life decision. Just make sure that we do not forget the fact that none of those 5Cs will be ours forever. Why? ‘Cause no one lives forever. 




Sorry for the dramatic closing. 

Let’s try a better one. 

What if I have to design my own Ideal 5Cs? These will be on my list: 




Common Sense. 

Child-like spirit. 


What if I am allowed to choose only one? This is a hard choice, but I’ll choose… Cheese. Melted cheese on top of my pizza, please. 

Updated: This. Is. Really. Embarassing. I have done a lot of proof-reads before I published this post. The grammar was good, I thought. The meaning was well-delivered, I thought. BUT there was one thing that I missed which I just realized when I re-read this post after it got published….. There was 6Cs instead of 5Cs on my 5Cs ideal list….. And I don’t have the heart to remove any of them…. No no definitely not the cheese. They all are perfect there. So let’s just pretend that I couldn’t count, just like a little kid. Child-like spirit, am I not? šŸ˜‰


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