The Potatato’s Writing Challenge

I am just trying to be realistic and honest here. I am not sure whether I can afford myself to write regularly and fight all the laziness when the writing-spirit has decided to stop possessing me. I had blogs before and there were always times when they got abandoned. Forgotten.

I’m thinking to find a way to motivate me writing. I observe that some bloggers join the usually-some-random Writing Challenge by writing based on a topic list. I was interested to try but then I doubted myself will be committed to that kind of (sorry) non-sense thing. More than often, I found that these bloggers only aim to write just for the sake of writing and completing the challenge, without really putting effort to maintain the quality of their writing. I do not want to fall into this trap. Writing to me must be meaningful, fully written with my heart and soul.

Then I got an idea. Why don’t I just create a writing challenge for myself? But, if I choose the topics all by myself, it won’t be fun! So, I think I can request my friends to pick one topic for me. It can be any topics or questions as long as it is not too private and personal haha! It will also make me to feel that I ‘owe’ something to them so that it will motivate me to pay my debts. (Sssttt.. It will also ‘force’ them to visit my blog more frequently). I have 3 topics now and I will ask more from you, my friends.

I don’t wanna make an unrealistic promise, such as posting them daily. I won’t even place the bet on myself. I will try to post it once a week.

So the challenge will now begin and end until I say it ends!


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