Passion vs Discipline

We often hear a saying, “You can do anything with passion. Passion will get you anywhere. We can achieve extraordinary things with passion.”

I dare to not completely agree.

Yes, I agree that passion is necessary to get started, to keep the fire burning, and to help us to get back on the track when we fail. Moreover, many people associate passions with a life full of spirit and fairy tale. The reality is that: doing something we are passionate about requires a great amount of discipline. As human, I believe we have a natural tendency to be lazy. It is so easy to be a couch potato, isn’t it?

I can’t give you an extraordinary example from myself since I haven’t achieved anything yet, but this thought came to my mind when I was preparing my breakfast this morning

It’s true that I love cooking: that I find pleasure in preparing my own food; that I feel powerful if I can control what I eat and how the food is prepared, etc. Basically, I can declare that I have a passion in cooking. However, it is more than often that I am too lazy to do all these things. I am lazy that I have to get up earlier in the morning to make sure I have enough time to make my own breakfast. I am lazy to cook after office hours because I have a tons of excuses such as feeling tired, not enough ingredients at home (even though the supermarket is just 10-15 mins walk away!), etc. Simply a passion is certainly not enough to get me to move my lazy butt to do those things.

I still need a discipline to push myself to wake up earlier in the morning, to go to the supermarket regularly to make sure I have enough ingredients and to carry those heavy groceries bags back home, to find new recipes so I don’t get bored with cooking the same dish over and over again. Undoubtedly, it is easier to say than to do. Temptations are everywhere. The temptation to just press on the snooze button. The temptation  to just buy my food at the food court. The temptation to just stop cooking just like most of the people here who don’t cook at all.

The point is how to make ourselves get used to do the daily mundane things regularly in order to live our passions.

If you are passionate about writing and want to be a successful blogger, you need a discipline to move your lazy butt to write regularly.

If you are passionate about learning French, you need a discipline to move your lazy butt to open those unread textbooks and listen to that audio CD learning package regularly.

It is passion that helps you to get started, but it is discipline that brings you to the finish line.


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