Wait a little longer

I was going to catch Bus 138 to Singapore Zoo this morning. I was still about 100m away from the bus stop when the bus was already there! As you might have or have not known, I am such a lazy person so I didn’t run to catch the bus.

Then I took a look at the screen. Okay, the next bus would be coming in 10 minutes. Lucky that I didn’t run because it would totally not worth all the sweats to run 100m just to catch a bus that comes in every 10 minutes interval. So, I felt like a winner.

Then suddenly just 1 minute later, a bus came. 138A. Usually “A” would mean an express bus which takes shorter route. I asked the bus driver and he confirmed that this bus was going to Singapore Zoo!  So, I felt like a double-winner.

If only I have decided to run to catch the previous Bus 138, I wouldn’t have just wasted my energy but my time as well, as it would take more time to reach my destination.

How often in life do we rush into something in fear that we may miss something? But who knows a better thing may come to us if we wait a little longer?

Updated: I’m so ashamed to admit this but I need to. Apparently, 138A isn’t an express bus – so obvious isn’t it? Express is a capital E! -. It is an additional bus service for the same route that only operates on weekends and public holidays. So, it would have still taken the same amount of time to reach my destination if I had run to catch the previous bus. But you got my point right? Never run for the bus!!! Never!! Unless you are really in a hurry and the bus arrival time is hourly or so. Take your sweet sweet time. Sometimes life doesn’t want you to move that fast 🙂


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